In the World of Tomorrow With the Skills of Yesterday

The internet has connected us all in ways we could have never dreamed possible.

What’s known as “FaceTime chat” today would have literally taken weeks in the days of old–having to travel just to be able to have a face-to-face conversation with someone.

Yet we’re still focusing on the skills that got us here, rather than the skills that are going to take us to the next level!

Consider the blue-print for earning wealth in the old days:

  • Go to school, through college, get your degree
  • Use your degree to get a good job that you can retire at
  • Invest, earning <10% easily in the market, as your pension grows as well
  • Upon retirement, draw income from:
    • Your investments
    • Your pension
    • Social Security

Does this model still apply today?

Do you think you can depend upon 10%+ growth in our markets?  Do you know any jobs still offering pensions you can live on?

With advances in open source technology, 3D printing, and clean energy development, our planet literally has the potential to evolve exponentially in the next decade.  And our means of making wealth has the exact same potential!

Consider this potential model for earning wealth in today’s world:

  • Create a website revolving around an interest of yours that your passionate about
  • Consistently build subscribers/viewers/likes etc. to build a fan base
  • Monetize your fan base via:
    • Advertisement revenue
    • Promoting affiliate products
    • Selling your own products
  • Rinse and repeat

Talk about an interesting model for building assets and accumulating wealth.

Most importantly, this model places the percentage of success in the hands of whomever decides he/she is worthy of going out and capturing that part of the marketplace that is willing to cough up the dough.

Believe me, no matter the interest, there’s a way to monetize it.

Today’s businesses aren’t giant brick-and-mortar buildings, they’re digital files on governmental databases.  I encourage you to become a “business owner” and begin publishing content online via your own website.

I’d love to show you the ropes!  Would you be interested?

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