The Allure of the Internet

The internet came in like a lion, and it ain’t going out anytime soon…

But why is it that the internet has garnered so much attention and been able to retain it as well?

What’s more impressive is the fact that the internet attracts the individual and the business alike, enabling each user of the internet to utilize it in multiple different ways, as different “clients.”

The internet enables me to do research on topics that are relevant to my life. It also allows me to connect with my friends and family members via social outlets. I am able to publish a blog to the internet, basically telling my personal story, and am able to share that information with those that care to consume it.

On top of that, I utilize the internet for business as well–attracting customers, putting them through my sales process, and developing a relationship with each and every one of them. On top of my business presence, I also use the internet to share my message as an avatar for my business–positioning myself as “the talent” and delivering educational and motivational pieces under the umbrella of my company.

Through this brief description of a few ways that I utilize the internet, you can see that me, one user of the internet, can easily turn into multiple users, as I’ve created multiple “avatars” or “clients” that I utilize the internet as.

With the ability to encapsulate time into a blog, image or video and make it available for a target audience, the allure of the internet is found.

Sharing a message, whether personal or business related, has never been easier due to the ease of syndication available on the internet.

And once you post your blog, video or image on the internet, it’s there to stay–for better or for worse, lol.

The benefit of the longevity of the internet is that you can encapsulate your message, your sales pitch, your product review, what have you, into a consumable piece of content that works for you on a consistent basis, 24/7/365.

The industrial revolution in America is over, and we’re still trying to figure out this intellectual revolution that we’re engaging in at this very moment.

Our most abundant resource is now our intellect, applied in efficient ways to maximize productivity.

Are you utilizing the internet like you should be?

A Brighter Tomorrow

The one thing I do like about conspiracy theorists is that they’re passionate…

Generally off their rocker, but boy do they believe in the cause!

I’m not here to tell you about some secret underground society is financially enslaving us for the benefit of the upper echelon–that’s not the type of energy I’m into spreading…

Is it true? Who knows. But one of the core beliefs I hold is that I still have an able body and a purpose, and regardless of the circumstance, I will do what I’m here to do.

In this case, what I’m here to do is offer hope.

That while we may be in flux as a world right now, there is still hope for a brighter tomorrow.

A brighter today even.

The greatest challenge we face lies within us.  The limits we set, the boundaries we live by–rational or not.  Steven Pressfield labels this force “resistance” in his book, which I HIGHLY recommend.

We have the power, right now, in this moment, to make a decision to finally do that one thing that we know we’ve been called to do since we were put on this earth.

It’s different for everyone, so I can’t, and won’t tell you what that is for you–though I doubt you’ll need much help finding out what it is.  You hear it calling every day, don’t you?

The optimist in my wants to believe that when we, as a people, shift our consciousness and focus on progressing–when we beat resistance and do that thing we know we ought to do–we will advance as a society.

And this is despite whether or not we’re in financial slavery, or whether or not chem trails are real…

I’ll go as far to say that it doesn’t matter who’s in office–democrat, republican, independent.

The changing of circumstances is an illusion.

The power is within each one of us.

It is the power to make a choice.  To choose to be disciplined and do your work.

Make your contribution to the world so that we all may benefit.

If we can all keep the focus within, and truly strive to grow on the micro level, it will start to make macro results.

Join me!

Where We’ve Ended Up

The internet has connected us all in ways we could have never dreamed possible.

What’s known as “FaceTime chat” today would have literally taken weeks in the days of old–having to travel just to be able to have a face-to-face conversation with someone.

Yet we’re still focusing on the skills that got us here, rather than the skills that are going to take us to the next level!

Consider the blue-print for earning wealth in the old days:

  • Go to school, through college, get your degree
  • Use your degree to get a good job that you can retire at
  • Invest, earning <10% easily in the market, as your pension grows as well
  • Upon retirement, draw income from:
    • Your investments
    • Your pension
    • Social Security

Does this model still apply today?

Do you think you can depend upon 10%+ growth in our markets?  Do you know any jobs still offering pensions you can live on?

With advances in open source technology, 3D printing, and clean energy development, our planet literally has the potential to evolve exponentially in the next decade.  And our means of making wealth has the exact same potential!

Consider this potential model for earning wealth in today’s world:

  • Create a website revolving around an interest of yours that your passionate about
  • Consistently build subscribers/viewers/likes etc. to build a fan base
  • Monetize your fan base via:
    • Advertisement revenue
    • Promoting affiliate products
    • Selling your own products
  • Rinse and repeat

Talk about an interesting model for building assets and accumulating wealth.

Most importantly, this model places the percentage of success in the hands of whomever decides he/she is worthy of going out and capturing that part of the marketplace that is willing to cough up the dough.

Believe me, no matter the interest, there’s a way to monetize it.

Today’s businesses aren’t giant brick-and-mortar buildings, they’re digital files on governmental databases.  I encourage you to become a “business owner” and begin publishing content online via your own website.

I’d love to show you the ropes!  Would you be interested?

What Are They Teaching Us?!?

Sure, we’re given the sciences, math, we’re taught to read and write, and this is all great.  But what are we really learning in school?

Taking a step back, I first observe an absolute focus on being in your seat, ready to do your work at exactly X o’clock, and you can bet your tardies will be counted!

When you arrive, be prepared, and don’t you dare talk to your neighbor, right?  Remember?  Disruptions aren’t allowed, some behaviors won’t be tolerated.

While I do subscribe to the idea that one should certainly maintain a level of discipline, including punctuality, doesn’t it seem like we’re being trained to show up on the assembly line, ready to tune our bodies in and our minds out?  Ready to listen and absorb all orders given to us?

If you don’t talk to your neighbor in today’s business world, you’re out of business!

So what are we really teaching here?

Don’t get me wrong, a lot of our ancestors have made a great living mastering this model, and in some cases, it may still be alive today.  But the promise of going to college to get a good job that you’ll spend 35 years at and retire with a great pension are over!

We’re taught the basics of reading, writing, and arithmetic, which help us navigate life; however, we don’t focus on two HUGE areas, and I think it’s because, in all honesty, we just don’t understand them.  These areas are:

  • Self Management
    • We’re thrown into this world with this gnarly meat wagon we call a body and this super-computer of a mind we don’t understand.  We self-medicate and self-mutilate trying to find answers, and often never do.
  • Money Management
    • Taking a look at our own government we can see what a total lack of discipline we’re being taught in a fiscal sense.  Money is the new secret.  Our smartest don’t grow up to be scientists and researchers anymore, the study the financial markets and find ways to exploit them for much more money.

For too long I’ve felt suspicious of what skills we’re providing on a mass scale in this country.

And for what reason.

I certainly don’t want to go “full out chem-trail on you”, but I don’t know if I necessarily trust the world around me like I once did.

What do you think?