The Allure of the Internet…

The internet came in like a lion, and it ain’t going out anytime soon… But why is it that the internet has garnered so much attention and been able to retain it as well? What’s more impressive is the fact that the internet attracts the individual and the business alike, enabling each user of the internet … [Read more…]

A Brighter Tomorrow

The one thing I do like about conspiracy theorists is that they’re passionate… Generally off their rocker, but boy do they believe in the cause! I’m not here to tell you about some secret underground society is financially enslaving us for the benefit of the upper echelon–that’s not the type of energy I’m into spreading… … [Read more…]

Where We’ve Ended Up

In the World of Tomorrow With the Skills of Yesterday The internet has connected us all in ways we could have never dreamed possible. What’s known as “FaceTime chat” today would have literally taken weeks in the days of old–having to travel just to be able to have a face-to-face conversation with someone. Yet we’re … [Read more…]

What Are They Teaching Us?!?

Education for the Dreams of Yesterday Sure, we’re given the sciences, math, we’re taught to read and write, and this is all great.  But what are we really learning in school? Taking a step back, I first observe an absolute focus on being in your seat, ready to do your work at exactly X o’clock, and you … [Read more…]