Like it or not, we are now living in the day of the website…

How’s it going?  I’m Brent, 25 year old college grad that found out the world I was promised when I started earning my degree is gone… long gone… and it’s never coming back!

Just as machines replaced humans in the workforce, websites are the next stage in this evolution.  Where assembly lines made the process of manufacturing and distribution more efficient, a website can do the same thing with the sales process and relationship building.

Though change is often scary, I feel that we should be encouraged as well.  For too long, our limited media outlets have depicted a portrait of the world uncontested by any significant force; however, in todays world, each one of us has the potential to take our gifts and publish them directly to the world via the internet–eliminating the middle-man once and for all.

We’re living in a strange, yet wonderful time.  The internet has leveled the playing field for getting your message out to the masses–whether that be a personal or a business message.  Publishing rights have been granted to anyone with a  computer, a YouTube account, and the gumption to get this rolling!

This site is all about the internet, websites, and sifting through the “how” and “why” it’s so essential and so appealing to have an online presence today.

In my first blog post, I talk about how our current educational system is still training us for the days of old.  At one time, America’s greatest asset was her ability to manufacture at scale and produce quality products; however, in attempt to cut costs, we’ve shipped our greatest asset overseas for cheaper, lower-quality alternatives.

Since it’s not my style to deliver doom and gloom with no hope, my second post talks about the world we’re living in now–described as a world we “ended up in”, that we were extremely excited for, but probably weren’t ready for.  We’ve come a long way from the days of our fathers–grinding away doing hard work in architectural millwork companies, coal mines, tree removal and the like.  Things have changed, and we’ll talk about how!

Finally, my third post is about the hope I see in the future.  Just because the world has changed doesn’t mean we can’t maintain our sovereignty.  They say pessimists are generally more accurate than optimists; however, it is the optimist that has the courage to push the norm.  I challenge you to entertain the idea of a better, more abundant and prosperous  future for us all. One case study, involving a guy names Jordo, that I’ll be expanding on further in a future post, sure did! Now, he’s found a way to ditch his college education and make a full time income online by creating a website where rap artists can purchase beats from him–how awesome is that??

I appreciate you walking alongside me through this journey.  Feel free to reach out to me whenever you like!